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How to Contact Silverheels Software

To e-mail John D. West, contact JWest@SilverheelsSoftware.com


Where did the name "Silverheels"
come from, anyway?

Mt. Silverheels is Colorado's 96th highest peak, at 13,822 feet. We were in that region of Colorado when we formed the company, and we liked the name.

To see a photo of Mt. Silverheels, click here.

Who are we?

Silverheels Software is a two-person firm: Annette West and John D. West. Together, they offer sotware training and implementation services and design and development services for custom software.

Silverheels Software conceived of, designed, and developed the Abra ESS (Employee Self Service) product. That product was originally sold under the name "Silverheels Software Employee & Manager Self Service for Abra Suite"; it was purchased from by Abra Software, Inc. in May of 2000. It has now been replaced by a new version developed independently by Abra Software.

Annette West, MBA, CPA, MCP received her MBA degree from Duke University in 1983, is a Certified Public Accountant, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. Click here to see Annette's resume (in PDF format).

John D. West, PE, CPDP, MCSE is a software developer specializing in custom interfaces and web-based software. He is a Professional Engineer (registered in North Carolina and Louisiana), a Certified Powerbuilder Developer Professional, and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Click here to see John's resume (in PDF format).

John is a fine art photographer; to see some of his work, check out www.fodoze.com. He is also a Ph.D student in Geophysics at Arizona State University, his student web site is at www.anisotropy.net.

Silverheels Software is a sole proprietorship.




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